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A better Workout builder

The workout builder is outdated imo.

I have a fullHD screen and the builder uses 28% of the available pixels. Using more screen real estate would improve it a lot and give space for even more functions.

You should build the workout from top down, searching each line for the relevant exercise instead of having a universal search box and having us draging the exercises over. Think of having a Google search box with out auto complete every line showing the exercise FAST. If it's a new exercise just add it without having us saving it as a custom exercise, that would be done later.

There are also numerous suggestions asking for more fields, each for sets, reps, RPE, rest, time, tempo, etc. And grouping it as warmup, strenght, conditioning, etc. This also means each workout could be individualized much better. Sometimes you want to prescribe a bicep curl for 10 reps and sometimes for 9 RPE or 40 sec. That would be awesome.

Most of us know what exercise we're looking for and we don't need a picture search to add it.

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  • Christian Ampania commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed on this. I find that it's much easier for my brain to create training programs in a spreadsheet than in the workout builder here--so much so that I'm actually considering discontinuing use of the Trainerize platform and just switching back to old-fashioned spreadsheets.

    The workout builder puts me in a box and it's hard to create a training program that progresses over time (more than just 4-6 weeks) and makes sense. It's so much easier with a spreadsheet, but then it's such a hassle to transfer all of that info over one piece at a time. The advantage of Trainerize is the video library, but I've been updating my own exercise video library so I can just as easily include a link to my own videos in a spreadsheet.

    It would make life a lot easier if we could either have a spreadsheet type workout builder, or the ability to import spreadsheets into Trainerize.

  • Rob Yontz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am not sure what to title this change request, so am adding it here. For these to really be "templates" the exercise move choice should be independent of the exercise guidance directions.
    For example, I currently use Excel as my program design template model. In it, I have the work pre-designed for the # super sets, # moves combined, # set ranges, # reps, TUT, and rest.... I only need to select the appropriate exercise movement to complete the program. I would REALLY like to be able to do this in TRZ as well (would save me HOURS of programming)

    As a further example, a typical new client may follow a linear model progression in their first series, so we know that they will follow the following model after core work and power work:

    PHASE 1 Day A (1-2 sets each)
    3a) [ Bilateral Squat Pattern ] @ 15R, 2-1-2, rest 0s
    3b) [ mobility move ref: FMS ]
    3c) [ Bilateral horiz Pull Pattern ] @ 15R, 2-1-2, rest 60s

    4a) [ Bilateral Hinge Pattern ] @ 15R, 2-1-2, rest 0s
    4b) [ mobility move ref: FMS ]
    4c) [ Bilateral horiz Push Pattern ] @ 15R, 2-1-2, rest 60s

    and this may go to Phase 2 Day A (2-3 sets each)

    3a) [ Bilateral Squat Pattern ] @ 12R, 2-1-1, rest 0s
    3b) [ mobility move ref: FMS ]
    3c) [ Unilateral horiz Pull Pattern ] @ 12R each, 2-1-1, rest 60s

    4a) [ Unilateral Hinge Pattern ] @ 12R each, 2-1-2, rest 0s
    4b) [ mobility move ref: FMS ]
    4c) [ Bilateral Vert Pull Pattern ] @ 12R, 2-1-2, rest 60s

    Ans so on... all I would need to do is select the appropriate move for that client vice re create the entire model every time - which is what the current system demands. Its very frustrating and very time-consuming.

    Thank you,
    True North Fitness & Health / Spartan SGX

  • Elis Mar Einarsson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When inserting a new exercise or substituting one, the search function for an exercise is great. Having that in the workout builder would be great. I know the name of my exercises and I could save a lot of time if I could search, click and it¨s already added!

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