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Allow Syncing With FitBit Devices and other platforms

Much like clients can already sync their weight with their Withings wifi scale, many users currently own Fitbit Aria wifi scales and it would make sense to allow the same syncing to occur.

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    Robert San Miguel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  AdminTrevor (Product Director, Trainerize) responded  · 

    Hi everyone,

    We’ve added Fitbit integration in our last mobile app release. When a client connects their account, we’ll import their past 2 weeks data. Any new data logged going forward will also be imported. We are currently importing body weight, body fat percentage and their resting heart rate.

    We’ll continue improving the integration so please keep your suggestions coming. Let us know how you wish us to evolve with Fitbit.

    Why not take this chance to add the power of your vote to these related ideas if they apply? The more popular an idea, the sooner we start it. Thanks!

    Sync steps for FitBit : http://goo.gl/Zf69h9

    Apple Watch: http://goo.gl/KtJMsD

    Sync with Polar : http://goo.gl/VDJtK6

    Sync with Garmin : http://goo.gl/35KlJQ

    Tanita Scale: http://goo.gl/00WFnL

    Digifit :http://goo.gl/9bkB95

    MyZone :http://goo.gl/TvmLXY


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      • Brett commented  · 

        Please also look to integrate Jawbone devices and data particularly relating to calorie burn/energy consumed for workouts and daily output.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Per some other comments, pulling through steps and activity level from FitBit, in addition to body weight/health stats would be useful.

      • Guy commented  · 

        Polar, please. It's heart rate monitor is one of the most broadly applicable platforms, and being able to link the training with Polar Flow (as noted below) would make this an incredibly powerful tool.

      • Kristina commented  · 

        I also vote for Polar. Most gyms and trainers use it to track heart rate, calories, and intensity. Additionally, Polar's new A360 tracker is by far the most accurate one on the market and it's activity goal are pretty tough to cheat.

      • Alex F commented  · 


        I would like to see:
        - Daily Steps
        - Sleep Duration

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It would be great to get pacing information for running as well from the FitBit Surge if possible.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Active minutes would be a great thing

      • Rob Yontz commented  · 

        Per Trevor's request...

        1) POLAR flow account is the web area where people's POLAR HR. pace etc info is logged.
        --- would like to see max HR, avg HR, distance, pace total time (duration), elevation gain, time in each zone and type of workout (ie walk, hike, trail run, metcon, etc)

        2) For Fit Bit, we (our clients) don't use it for HR (we use POLAR exclusively as wrist HR tracking is not fully accurate), bwt is entered directly into TRZ... they use it for steps / activity, sleep, water intake and food tracking

      • Brad Van Dolah commented  · 

        I'm a big fan of the polar devices. I would like the ability to interface to the scale for weight and bf% tracking. In addition being able to pull workout data such as workout type, calories burned and heart rate intensity automatically into the application would be a bonus. That way I can have better visibility into exactly where my clients are at.

      • Rob Yontz commented  · 

        I would love to see HR and HRV integration. I use these both quite a bit and it is very challenging with online clients needign to hop to different apps.

        I know lots of people like the wrist HR devices, but accurate HR is with chest straps so I would prefer either MyFitnessPal (very stable and good data) or POLAR Beat (secondary since they have coaching page but its a bit buggy).

        For HRV, would LOVE to see integration with Elite HRV.

        Thx, Rob

      • Robert San Miguel commented  · 

        Perhaps a first step in this process is simply to sync resting heart rate from the devices and allowing it to be tracked over time given those are also good health metrics in addition to weight, body fat percentage, and measurements.

      • Heather commented  · 

        And from Apple Watch!

      • Heather commented  · 

        I've just started using Trainerize with my clients, and the immediate suggestions I received were for integration with FitBit and with Apple Watch. On the Apple Watch, it would be great to see the activity information shared between Watch and Trainerize, as well as providing Trainer notifications about client actions that mirror notifications currently provided by email. And we can't wait for the MyFitnessPal integration - I use it with all of my clients!!

        Apple Watch developer:

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        would be useful if FitBit activity could be intergrated

      • Ronen commented  · 

        Would really love to see this integrated!

      • jmt commented  · 

        Polar is what I use with my clients. Right now I have to programs I have to work off to get all my information (polar and trainerize) But even the ability to input the information manually (time in each zones) would be beneficial for me in planning their training.

      • julie commented  · 

        I use Polar mostly with my clients but just need a place to input the following stats: Date, exercise, Calories burned, average heart rate, max heart rate, time in zone.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hey Guys, this would allow us to track the heart rate zones they are working out in to maximize fat loss.

        It's also a great stalker tool so that they cant fake. ;)

      • AdminTrevor (Product Director, Trainerize) commented  · 

        Able able to track heart rate within the app.
        Please add to the comments the type of integration you want like Polar Express, Fitbit, Withings Pulse, Samsung Gear, and what stats you would like to see within the app.

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