The Trainerize Idea Forum

Your ideas are VERY important to us!

We take our trainer's feedback and ideas very seriously. We want Trainerize to help you reach new clients, impress your existing ones and create the fitness business you imagined!

How does the idea forum work?

The idea forum allows us to keep a pulse check on what our trainer community wants. The higher the votes, the more likely the idea will be completed. The idea forum is only one of the many avenues we use to evaluate an idea's feasibility. We might also do in-app surveys, grab calls with focus groups and reach out randomly to our user base.

This forum allows us to more accurately prioritize ideas to ensure a system of fairness by executing on improvements needed more urgently by a larger cohort of our trainer community, in order of voting priority. It offers you transparency into what we're reviewing, starting and have completed. 

Submit a new idea or vote for an existing idea to receive updates. When an idea moves into our design or development phase, or has been completed, you will get an email notification.

What if I need help? 

For any support issues, please see our helpdesk at

To submit an idea:

  1. Search to see if your idea already exists. If so, vote or comment on it. Each user gets 20 votes — use wisely!
  2. If you don’t see it already, Tell us your idea below for others to vote on.

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