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an ONLINE trainer MUST check-in w client BODY STATS +GOALS MSGS

I cannot be the only trainer on here going cross eyed back and forth looking at clients current weight and then doing monotonous data entry work on excel. If there is a way to export this data on CSV - please guid me. I literally have to look at my phone , load trainerize, load client, go into their stats, look at current weight or body fat, run a calculation on my excel , crank out a number /goal they should 'hit next week' per my formula for that specific client.

After all that, I have to copy from my excel, get one of my canned emails and it goes something like this :


Great job this week!

Previous Weight 7/31 : 222.8lbs
Current Weight : 220lbs

Goal on 08/16 : 217.8lbs

You logged in to all '4' workouts I scheduled this week and you were crushing all your sets. Nice work. Momentum is everything. Don't let this feeling go because you are rockin it!

PS: Make sure to take your body stats and pics when they come up on your schedule "

Let's get messages like this generated for us trainers with body stats and data already populated into client emails. Allow us to schedule the messages as well.

At the minimum, allow us to EXPORT client and client data out of trainerize into a CSV.

Sue Pack

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