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We are continually upgrading your fitness app with new features based on your feedback. Please add a new idea, or vote on an existing idea. This ensures your ideas don't get lost and always visible and other users can upvote your ideas. The idea forum allows us to keep a pulse check on what our user community as a whole wants.

Why should I vote?
This forum allows us to more accurately prioritize ideas to ensure a system of fairness by executing on improvements needed more urgently by a larger cohort of our user community, in order of voting priority. It offers you transparency into what we're reviewing, starting and have completed.

Vote subscribes you to the idea so when its status changes, you'll get notified. 

When does an idea get picked up?
The higher the votes, the more likely the idea will be completed but there is no fixed formula if an idea will be picked up as it is just one avenue we look at. The idea forum is only one of the many avenues we use to evaluate an idea's feasibility. We also factor in your conversations with our support team, in-app surveys, Facebook beta groups,  complexity of the idea, talks with our inner circle of users and how it fits with the overall vision of the platform.

For example, "Portuguese support" was for the longest time in our top 3. But embarking on that would significantly dent our ability to serve our primary English speaking community effectively.

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  1. Darker, larger or dynamic font text so it is more easily readable.

    Make the text bigger so I can read the text more easily without reading glasses.

    1,151 votes

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your great suggestion! We’re marking this idea as completed! Users can now increase the font size in certain parts of the app by changing the setting on their phone and it will be reflected in the app. Please note that we will continue releasing new features and app screens in the future with the ability for large fonts so this project will be continues project as we keep working on improving the accessibility options of our product. 

    We’re returning your vote to you so please come back to to add your vote to other ideas.


  2. Have sets and weights auto fill with previous numbers.

    When I start a new workout or cardio, have the previous numbers default so that I don't have to navigate big fingers on tiny numbers. I can change if needed but it will save typing again if the same.

    10,013 votes

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